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Trion 342718-001 Power Pack Circuit Board

SKU#: 342718001
List Price: $500.73 Sale Price: $417.27
Product Description

Trion power pack circuit board for certain electronic air cleaners. Operates on 120 volt input voltage. This component is obsolete and only available while supplies last.


3 1/2 (inches)
7 3/4 (inches)
2 (lb) 5 (oz)

Product Reviews

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Sep 11, 2012
Trane BEF200 by John Moore (Atlanta GA US)

While trying to find parts for my old Trane BEF200, I came across this board. It looked identical to my old board except that it had a power transformer mounted on the board. My board had a PLACE for one, but the transformer was external. I ordered it, and comparing the two, found them almost identical. The differences were positive (new heat sinks on chips, beefier components), but the larger HV coil would be closer to the top panel--however it had much more insulation on it, and it hasn't arced yet! Long story short, I removed the old power transformer from the cabinet, and used its wires (with connectors) to connect to the new board. They were physically identical. Since I had no need for anything beyond 120VAC input, I stripped the wiring from the voltage selector and connected the board. It works perfectly! Careful inspection of the underside of the original Trane board showed the manufacturer to be TRION! If I had it to do over again, I might have tried a cheaper board, like the 340483-001 board which looks identical and costs less than half as much, but since replacing the entire cleaner would have cost $1,200 plus installation, I'm a happy camper!


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