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Trion 441891-042 Complete Power Pack Assembly

SKU#: 441891042
List Price: $9,999.99 Sale Price: $9,999.99
Product Description

This component is OBSOLETE AND NO LONGER AVAILABLE. Individual parts are available as this item can be repaired through our diagnostic service. SEE RELATED PRODUCTS

This is the entire metal box, high voltage circuit board, on-off switch, etc. This new power pack includes an air switch sensor in it but does not include the cover for the power pack assembly.


4 1/2 (inches)
20 3/4 (inches)
3 1/2 (inches)
6 (lb) 3 (oz)
Input Voltage:

Product Reviews

Add your review of this product Global rating: 4.75 from 4 reviews
Jul 15, 2014
Switch backwards! by Gary (Renton WA )

Arrived in perfect condition. Wired and installed unit and found the safety door switch did not work. Found the switch was installed backwards from the factory. So…….after removing the unit and making space for the wiring was able to turn the switch 180 degrees.

Oct 11, 2013
Homeowner by Robert Wismer (Millersville PA US)

My air conditioning "repairman" could not fix the Trion unit, except to tell me that the power pack was not working. I replaced the unit in about an hour; it did not work. Then I remembered another comment that the safety switch is backwards. I turned it around and the unit still did not work. Then, Addison, through Trion's on-line chat, suggested (1) checking power to the unit (yep), and (2) turning the unit on with the cells removed. The unit still did not work, but now I could see that the door was bowed, probably by the "repairman" trying to fit a filter into the space where the cells go. I straightened the door and I'm in business!! I fix things around the house, but definitely not a repairman. (I work as a chemistry professor.) This was an easy fix. Just make sure that the safety switch, at the front of the unit, is depressed when you close the door to the cells.

Aug 10, 2013
Replaced power supply by George Rubin (Carmel In US)

My filter stopped supply. the local repair man wanted around $1,000 to repair/replace. I figured that the problem was the power supply. I bought the unit and replaced it. For $325 approximately. Took about 30 minutes to remove the old one and connect the new one. Fits perfectly as a replacement to my unit which is 12 years old. Worked great.

Aug 10, 2013
only 1 problem by Ralph Almer (Ann Arbor Mi US)

The unit was easy to replace. I am a home owner, not a furnace technician. But I had a problem with the safety switch. It was orientated reverse from the original unit and stayed in disabled position when the front plate was pushed on. A note with the unit would have saved me a couple of frustrating hours. If the unit was shipped with the switch loose with a note on how to insert it (same as the old unit) this would not have been an issue.


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