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Trion Electronic Air Cleaner Power Supply Repair & Diagnosis

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Product Description

Electronic Air Cleaner Repair & Diagnosis On Your Air Cleaner Power Supply. Labor only to diagnose & repair your electronic air cleaner power supply. We are the only company in the country to offer electronic air cleaner repair & diagnosis services for both consumers and contractors alike. We perform this service on all Trion electronic air cleaners. Motherboards can NOT be repaired since the individual components on the boards are NO LONGER available. We are, however, able to determine IF the motherboard is bad and sell you a replacement motherboard if needed (provided your motherboard is still available). Please note several components have been discontinued which impact the replacement of failed components on older series units. Contact our support department with your model number for additional information.

Here's How It Works

1. Purchase the DIAGNOSTIC service on the website. The shipping charge in the purchase is the return shipping paid in advance.


3. Ship us your entire Power Supply using UPS or FedEx. This way you can track your shipment and have proof of receipt/delivery.

4. Upon arrival, our technicians diagnose what is wrong. After determining what is wrong, we email you the results and tell you the cost of the parts for repair.

5. You then approve the repairs and we install the parts for you. Parts cost is not included in the Diagnostic fee but the labor to install any needed parts is.

6. Your Power Supply is then shipped back to you ready to be remounted on your air cleaner. Turn around time is normally within 1 week.

We would like you to include the model and the serial number of your unit (if you know it) so we can reference the correct parts for it. Again please ship to us using UPS or FedEx to track your shipment and have proof of receipt. DO NOT ship with the US Postal Service. Please include either a copy of your invoice (generated by this website upon purchase of DIAGNOSTIC) or write the invoice number on a piece of paper and include it with the Power Supply assembly so we know who owns it. The address you need to ship your Power Supply to is:

Trion Parts
1513 W Whispering Wind
Phoenix, AZ 85085

Product Reviews

Add your review of this product Global rating: 4.85 from 39 reviews
Mar 2, 2021
Love this thing! by Robert S. Morton (DAYTON Oh US)

I first moved into my residence in mid 2012 as a tenant. The Air Cleaner was working well at that time. The furnace itself went out and needed to be replaced in December, 2012,and the landlord decided not to include the Trion Air Cleaner. The Tech left the casing but threw the power supply, elements and filters in a file with the old furnace in the garage to be picked up later. I retrieved all the Trion parts and put them back in the case but found it didn't work. Everything sat next to the furnace for years. I eventually acquired the property and first contacted Trion. Eventually I shipped the Power Supply to Trion and they diagnosed the problem, repaired it and shipped it back to me. Now everything is working again. I love this thing and I'll always have one! Trion's service is next to none! Everyone I talked to at Trion was extremely courteous and helpful. I recommend this product and the company to anyone needing products/service of this type.

Dec 24, 2020
Excellent Service by Larry Lau (South Riding VA US)

Our unite was installed in 2006, and recently the red light was out when the unit was running with airflow. We sent the unit to Trion for diagnostic and repair. Overall, I was pleased with the workmanship and the new components in this unit. However, after the repair, I noticed the red light was on all the time, even when there was no airflow. If I put my finger to cover the sensor opening, the red will be off. So, I put the masking tape to cover half of the sensor opening, and the unit works just fine. The red light will turn on only when the blower is running. I want to thank Jay Guliano and his team for a quick response to my unit's servicing and returning.

Dec 24, 2020
Mother Board repair by Paul Bailey (Brentwood NH US)

Repair was done timely and correctly at a fair price//

Nov 2, 2020
Good Service by Harry Hunnell (Cleveland Te US)

This company repaired my Electrostatic Air Filter Power Supply. They were much more reasonable in cost that what my local A/C service provider want to fix the unit. The service was prompt and they corrected some issues with my unit that I had not known about.

Oct 24, 2020
Great Service by Robert Warren (San Francisco CA US)

Return, Repair, Return. FAST, only a few days, great service, unit is like new now! Everything was perfect!

Mar 19, 2020
Excellent service by Meredith Haynes (Portland Or US)

This service was easy, fast and affordable. They diagnosed the issues quickly, repaired with the same fast speed and itís back and working perfectly. I highly recommend them!

Aug 16, 2019
repair by martin papesh (shelby twp mi US)

Works fine, installed after I received it and heard the clicking sound.

Aug 4, 2019
Trion Trim by ( )

Great customer service and support. Thanks again!

Dec 31, 2018
Superior service by JOHN ( IL US)

I was impressed with the level of service provided by the technician. He was prompt in getting back to me after he received my power supply with the diagnosis and proposed cost of repair. After getting the unit back to me he was available for help with the installation and testing. I could not be happier with the outcome, especially since the individual who installed my HVAC unit and air cleaner had not responded to my calls for over a year. The icing on the cake with Trion Parts was the price. The total cost of diagnosis, repair, and return shipping was far less than what a local repairman would have charged. I will continue doing business with this stellar company!

Dec 22, 2018
Excellent employees! by James (Camden Mi US)

The product was repaired quickly..honest service.

Nov 14, 2018
Deckerís Trion unit by Gary Decker (Ronks PA US)

Unit was not coming on with air flow. Dionostics found that the air flow sensor had stopped the working and with the age of the unit I decided to replace the majority of components within this unit. I was very pleased with the workmanship and the new components in this unit. The unit is in services and I will remove the Filters in a few days to see the amount of collection on the cells. I would like to thank your staff for there advise and quick response In servicing and returning of my unit.

Nov 10, 2018
Repeat Business by James L. Quinn, OD (Nebraska City Ne US)

On 3/16 my Trion electronic air cleaner went on the fritz and no one locally could repair it. So I sent it to Trion and they did an amazing job! Two plus years later, the unit failed again (same part), and once again it was repaired successfully. I also ordered pre and post filters (carbon) as the original unit was designed for them. We are lucky to have these guys (and gals). Dr. Quinn

Aug 17, 2018
Trion very helpful by ( )

Trion was very helpful in diagnosing the problem with my electronic air cleaner and fixing the problem. I would seek them out again if needed.

Nov 9, 2017
Awesome Service by Frank Domurath (Somerset Ke US)

I am a highly skilled do-it-yourselfer, and went to your site looking for information/parts for my HE 2000 air cleaner. I saw your deal, and there was no question about my taking advantage of it. ~$40 for diagnostic, repair, and postage back to me for my power supply was awesome. It cost more money to send it to you than all that you did. The repair parts, of course, were separate, but I would have had to pay for them anyway. There were several issues with my unit that I could not have detected. Had I called a local repair person, they probably would have charged several hundred dollars for what you did for $40, PLUS, they would have had to get the parts from you anyway. Worse yet, they probably would have said that the unit needed to be replaced, and I would have gone along with it. Once again, great service that you provide. The service that you provided was awesome, and I would recommend this to anyone who has your unit. We will probably be moving in a year or so, and if my next house doesn't have an electronic air cleaner, you can bet that I will install a Trion.

Apr 20, 2017
repair by Richard Muench (Oakley CA US)

Did exactly what was needed in a timely manner. New board works like new.

Feb 3, 2017
Outstanding service by Gabriel Cortina (Upland Ca US)

Probably the best service assistance I've ever received from ANY company. Website easy to understand. Personal phone support was outstanding. Also, The company's willingness to diagnose and repair a problem component directly is rare. I found the whole process simple, honest and efficient and suggest they train all other companies to do the same. I give them the highest rating possible!!

Oct 29, 2016
Fantastic Work! by David Neitzke (New Berlin WI US)

Complete rebuild of the unit, fast turn around, works great!

Oct 18, 2016
Homeowner by David Enochson (Cottage Grove MN US)

Acceptable turn-around time. Installed unit, plugged in and it works! What more can one ask.

Aug 23, 2016
Home Owner by Frank Miller (Clarkson Ne US)

Quick turnaround and complete rebuild for a reasonable price. I received the unit today, wired the power source, turned it on and got that familiar snap as it cleaned up the return air ducts. Very pleased, thank you.

May 5, 2016
TRION REPAIR by Donald Penar (Des Plaines Il US)

pretty quick turnaround time, they replaced circuit board, got it back, powered it up and its working again, after quite a few service people told me to just eliminate it and use a filter media. glad I found you guys, great service all around. thanks again.

Mar 30, 2016
Trion EAC repair by James L. Quinn (Nebraska City Ne US)

Date: 3/30/16 I just finished installing the repaired part. Snap-Crackle-Pop! Great job. Thanks so much. Jim

Nov 10, 2015
Air Cleaner Repair by Paul C. (Lemont US)

Installed the electronic power supply as soon as I received it. So far it is working just fine.

Feb 16, 2015
Fantastic by J R Lowell (White Plains NY US)

My local heating contractor said I'd have to replace the whole "circuit board" for $500. TrionParts diagnosed and fixed my system by replacing a $59 air flow sensor. Total cost less than $115 plus my cost to ship to them. Now works like new. Excellent Service. Thank you.

Feb 9, 2015
repair by al jennings (peoria il )

good job!

Jan 23, 2015
Power Unit Repair by David Potts (Chaska MN US)

I used the TrionParts quote and repair service for the power unit of my Trion Electronic Furnace filter. I could not find a local service person who knew much about them. Trion Parts Service/Repair was completely easy and smooth. The mail-in service was a reasonable cost, as was the quote and repair. I would highly recommend

Nov 22, 2014
Trim T Air Cleaner by Dan (Cold Spring MN US)

Very good service and communication. My air cleaner is up and running again..

Aug 1, 2014
Trion power supply diagnosis and repair by Carl Bahrke (Lebanon OR US)

Very good turn around on the whole repair. 15 year old power supply appears to be functioning like new.

Jun 18, 2014
Good honest diagnosis by Richard H. Firestine (Mt. Joy Pa US)

Quick turnaround and accurate diagnosis. They called out the part I knew was defective. And they only called that part; they could have just as well said I needed multiple parts in addition; but they did not. I'm a happy camper!

Jun 12, 2014
Repair & Diagnosis by Jim Nickel (Hayward Wi US)

Thanks for returning the air cleaner. It was very clean and runs great.

Apr 14, 2014
Gloria Ebner by Gloria M Ebner (Woodinville Wa US)

What an excellent experience! I sent my electronic cleaner to you, you fixed it and returned it to me in good working order...couldn't ask for anything more! Thanks so much for this service.

Jan 8, 2014
Jury Still Out by Carl E. Smith (North Barrington Il US)

After my service man re-installed the two Trion Electronic Air Cleaner Power Supplies with two new mother boards, my air cleaners seemed to be working because I could hear particles being zapped. But after a day or so, I no longer heard any zapping, which is a good sign the air cleaners are working. So the jury is still out on whether my re-built Trion Electronic Air Cleaner Power Supplies are working properly. It would be helpful if Trion would have explained or provided me written instructions on how to test to see if their units are operating properly.

Oct 6, 2013
Breathing easier by Mr Borgmann (Louisville KY US)

Diagnosed and repaired unit as instructed. 5 stars if Trion would haved provided a shipping container for repair and offered the shipping as a packaged price to the repair location.

May 15, 2013
Customer by Dale J. Bidwell (Ooltewah TN US)

Very efficient service and electronics returned quickly with a new unit. I would like to have seen the old air filter electronics repaired, but the claim was that parts were not available. The new parts made the filter work immediately upon installation. Instructions for installation would have been helpful, but common sense kicked in and so installation was not a problem.

Feb 20, 2012
Excellent Service by Dan Clifford (Minneapolis Mi US)

I received excellent service for the diagnosis of my Trion Electronic Air Cleaner. I received an e-mail confirmation of my order, along with a return service number, immediately after selecting the service. After Trion received my Electronic Control Unit for diagnosis and repair, I was notified by Tracking Number from Trions carrier of it's return to me (before being contacted by Trion with the results of their diagnosis). I had to contact Trion for the results of their diagnosis and the cost of incurred repairs while my Control Unit was enroute back to me. I would have preferred Trion contact me with the results of their diagnosis prior to the Unit being returned. Although Trions actions were justified - they uncovered no problems with my Control Unit - I would have appreciated a bit of back-and-forth communication to discover the root cause of the problem I'm having with my Air Cleaner. Still, their logistical service and diagnostic was excellent.

Sep 8, 2011
Air Cleaner Repair by Raymond Holden (Bettendorf Io US)

The air cleaner was packaged and shipped as per the instructions on the WEB site. It was repaired and returned within the time indicated. My furnace blower motor went on the blink and failed to operate during the hottest period of the summer. Since the repairman was coming to look into the blower problem I asked if he would look into repairing my air cleaner. With out hesitition his company informed him that the unit was obsolete and no repair parts was availible, turn it off or we could sell you a new unit. The day turned out to be a good one, the cooling coil which had frozen had defrosted. The blower motor was again operational and with their bad decision about the air cleaner I went on line to found your services.

Aug 2, 2011
Home owner by Allen Brown (Akron OH US)

I was very pleased with the whole process.I shipped the part,the diagnosis was done, i was quoted a price, my unit was returned, i installed the unit,and it works great just as it was advertised.

Mar 4, 2011
Trion Electronic Air Cleaner Power Supply Repair & Diagnosis by Jim Russo (Warren MI US)

Diagnosis, Communication on the Repair, and Repair were all done in a timely manner. Unit was successfully repaired.

Dec 4, 2010
Mrs. by Ruth Sabey (York PA US)

We have just initiated a request for service. The repair is yet to be done. Josh, who handled our inquiry, was very accommodating and helpful.

Nov 15, 2010
Order 3000933 by Richard Terrin (Reno Ne US)

We our unit was returned in a timely fashion. We followed the trouble shooting instructions included on the packing slip. In following the instructions, I traced the neutral and hot wires to this unit back to the control pc board. I discovered that the hot wire was tied to a "blank" terminal. Also, the screw to the EAC (Electronic Air Cleaner) terminal was unscrewed. Obviously, the Trion unit was not getting power. I moved the hot wire from the "blank" terminal to the EAC terminal and energized the unit. The system is again functioning normally. I wish to thank you for your honesty and integrity in assisting me with my problem, and saving me considerable expense of replacing the Tron unit with another brand recommended by a service person.


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