Trion 75 Air Cleaner Parts

When you need one system for cleaning numerous applications, such as kitchen grease and smoke, oil mist, and contaminants from other industrial processes, Trion has the kitchen exhaust, commercial, and large industrial solutions just for you. Atmospheric contaminants may be either liquids or solids, in the form of oil, water, grease, smoke, fumes, dusts or similar particulate including gaseous and vaporous odors. The Model 75 readily adapts to the various air collection methods utilized to recover contaminants for collection. Air inlet and outlet flanges on the modules include predrilled holes to connect adjoining duct work. Module support rails are optional for multiple mounting methods. With your unique needs in mind, the Trion Model 75 utilizes five individual sections, each with specific air treatment tasks that are pre-selected, then factory assembled to form a compact, inline, drop-in unit.

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