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Trion 247912-001 Contact Board Replacement Kit

SKU#: 247912001
List Price: $9,999.99 Sale Price: $9,999.99
Product Description

Trion 247912-001 Contact Board Replacement Kit. Replacement contact board assembly for electronic air cleaner. Each air cleaner contains 2 of these but they are sold individually. This item looks like a thin piece of circuit board with copper contacts attached to it. When installed, it is mounted on the bottom of the power supply box and electric wires are attached to the top of it. The bottom of this board has copper contacts on it and protrudes slightly into the path of the electronic collector cells. Over the course of time the contacts located on the bottom of this contact board assembly tend to get holes in them due to arcing of the high voltage power. This is a good indication that the contact board assembly needs replaced. Comes with 2 steel blind rivets to hold it in place.

NOTE: This item is OBSOLETE and no longer available. You can use the same item with the air flow sensor nipple missing but you will have to use the new style electronic air flow sensor to do so. This particular contact board is designed to be used with the old style mechanical air flow sensor that has a 1/4" nylon hose attached from it to the contact board.


3 1/2 (inches)
4 1/2 (inches)
1 (oz)
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