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Trion Air Cleaners - Finding the Model Number

Hi, I'm Jay. And today I'm going to talk about; how to determine the model number for your Trion air cleaner.

Now, this one happens to be a Trion HE Plus 1400, it's on the door. If your door does not have that here, sometimes on the back side of the door, there is a sticker and this one happens to say "HE Plus 20x20," that's the size of the cabinet here, not counting this power box, AFS. The AFS means that is has an "air flow sensor." But the important thing is that it's an HE plus, 20 x 20.

Now, this one has collector cells in it, because it's an electronic air cleaner. If your electronic air cleaner has been converted, to using pleated filter media, then you won't have the collector cells in here, you will also not have these two pre-filters. Instead you'll have this slid inside of here. And what this is is a 20 x 20 x 5 Air Bear filter media, it fits perfectly inside of this cabinet.

If you happen to have an Air Bear cleaner, which means it's going to look just like this, minus these items that are inserted inside, it will also not have this power box on top, so it'll be from here down, look just like what you have minus this stuff, the door of course will be a little shorter and it will say, like, "Trion Air Bear" on it. And inside of it, will be a filter like this, again, this one happens to be a 20 x 20 x 5. The most common size for an air bear happens to be 20 x 25 x 5, but our demo unit here we happen to use the 20 x 20 x 5. It's available in multiple sizes, so pay attention to that. It's important that you order the right filter for your Air Bear air cleaner.

Thanks for watching. For additional help or questions, feel free to contact us.


Trion HVAC System: Overview

Hi, I'm Jay. And this is our demonstration unit.

We have Trion equipment on here so we're going to talk about what a typical system might look like in your home. So, right here we have return air duct work, and there's a grill inside of this one, but typically the duct work would get attached to the return air duct work in your home but this is the drop, so we have the return air, which would be in the summertime, hot air, from your house, and in the wintertime, cold air.

So the air would pass down here, turn, go through the air cleaner, so this happens to be a Trion electronic air cleaner so the air would go through here, get cleaned, then the air passes into the furnace. there's a blower hiding inside here. So that air gets blown up through here.

This section here hiding heat exchanger so this is where the air in the winter time would get warmed up. The air would then blow up here, this happens to be a cooling coil. Now in the winter time, this doesn't do anything. In the summertime, this would then cool the air. The air would then pass up here into the supply plenum and get distributed into your home.

Now we happen to have a bypass style humidifier on this unit, so this is where you would humidify the air in the wintertime and kind of the way that works would be; winter time, hot air is blowing up here, that hot air is dry, it enters the humidifier, gets humidified, so then you have hot humid air that exits that humidifier, and in our demonstration unit we have a six inch round duct on this one that hiding around backside of this system but it comes around here and it steps back into this.

So you would have hot humid air coming from that six inch round pipe, it reenters the return air duct, and gets pulled back down, runs through the furnace and gets distributed back into the home. We also have a have a duct mounted humidistat, mounted either step which is right here. And I don't know if you can hear that but that's the humidifier going on and off. So this is quite commonly a location where the humidistat is mounted. You might have yours wall mounted but a real common location is on the duct work. Specifically on the return air duct work not the supplier duct work.

We have this mounted here we also happen to have a nest thermostat mounted on the duct work. Obviously you're not going to have a thermostat mounted on your duct work, but for a demonstration unit its just a nice place for us to have it so we can show people how to set their thermostat. But obviously yours will not be here, yours would be mounted on your wall somewhere typically in the hallway or living room. And that's about it.

Thanks for watching. For additional help or questions, feel free to contact us.

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