Trion Replacement Air Bear 288649-202 20 x 25 x 5 – MERV 10 Carbon

Air Bear media filters help rid the air of allergens and odors. The filter media can trap particles in your home as small as 1 micron in size! They are pleated in design, five inches thick with reinforced frames to maximize dirt-holding load and help the filter keep its shape. To ensure peak performance and efficiency, only use Trion Air Bear filters in whole-home media air cleaners.

What is MERV?

MERV means Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value, it is a number assigned to a filter based on its minimum tested efficiency data at a known test condition. Please see the attachments below for literature on understanding MERV ratings and how they are determined.

How do Air Bear Black Filters with Carbon Work?

Being dual-layered, the face layer consists of a MERV8 standard air filter media with a second layer providing a high-performance carbon odor control substance. Air Bear Black filters are made from a variety of high carbon content substances including coal, wood, coconut shells and bamboo. On a microscopic level, activated carbon looks and acts much like a natural sponge. The activated carbon particles are highly porous and have a vast amount of surface area. As odor molecules come into contact with the carbon, they are drawn into the carbon and held into place by a variety of forces similar to a magnetic or gravitational attraction. Of all the absorbents known, activated carbon is one of the strongest physical absorbents, so it is an excellent material for creating a fresh and clean smelling environment by capturing and internally storing odors from the air.

Air Bear Features
  • Air Bear media filters fit units from Generalaire, Skuttle, and Ultravation.
  • Finger-supported vertical pleats remain evenly spaced while maximizing dirt-holding capacity at the lowest pressure drop.
  • Factory installed, double gasket, top and bottom, eliminates filter bypass.
  • Moisture resistant frame retains strength and shape even in high humidity.
  • Air Bear media filters are compatible with all HVAC configurations and come in a wide variety of sizes.
  • Suitable for use with all types of forced-air HVAC configurations.
  • Galvanized, rust-resistant wire mesh, integral width filter media supports media and retains pleat shape even when dirty.
  • UL900 listed.


More Information
Manufacturer Trion
Product Type Replacement Part
Service Interval 6 Months
Quantity Included 1
Product Length 24.250
Product Width 19.750
Product Height 4.875
Product Weight 1.850
Filter Size 20 x 25
Material Carbon
Color White
MERV Rating 10
Country of Manufacture United States
Dimension Length 25.000000
Dimension Width 20.000000
Dimension Height 5.000000


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